The following is the Holy Father’s off-the-cuff greeting to the groups who awaited him outside the apostolic nunciature of Bogotá yesterday evening:

Words of the Holy Father

Thank you very much, for the joy you bring, thank you very much for the effort you have made, thank you very much for the journey you have been inspired to make, and this is called heroism. Even children can be heroes, the youngest, when they are deceived or make mistakes, they get up as heroes and carry on. Keep going, keep going like this! Do not let yourselves be defeated, do not let yourselves be deceived, do not lose your joy, do not lose hope, do not lose your smile, carry on like this!

And now I would like to give you all a blessing. We will pray to the Virgin, our Mother, to bless us.

Hail Mary…

[After songs]

Thank you very much for your bravery and courage, do not let yourselves be robbed of your joy. What must you not allow to be stolen from you? [Young people: Joy!]

Let no-one steal, let no-one deceive, let no-one rob you of hope. What must you not allow to be stolen from you? [Young people: Hope!]

Joy and hope. All of you! [Young people: Joy and hope!]

And can I ask a favour? To pray for me, will you do it? [Yes!]

God bless you. And thank you, because it is very nice. Thank you.

Taken from: http://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2017/09/07/170907a.html

Image captured from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftyL1lSITbw