In the Bull of Convocation of the Extraordinary Jubilee for Mercy, Misericordiae Vultus, Pope Francis defines mercy as the “ultimate and supreme act with which God comes to meet us.”[1] Effectively “in the fullness of time (Gal 4:4), when everything was arranged according to His plan of salvation. He sent his Son born of the Virgin Mary to reveal to us His definitive love.”[2]

This way of how God comes to encounter us reveals a “heart (COR) full of love that is close to all who are in need, to the last, the discarded, the miseri.” This reveals “a faithful love that never questions, however the infidelity of man. It is a tender love, rich in emotion, like that of a mother.”[3]

The men and women of our time hope for a word of consolation, closeness, forgiveness and of true joy. As Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we know we are called to bring the embrace of God to everyone, with the tenderness of a mother who reaches towards all her children.

So, we have been reminded by Pope Francis in the speech he addressed to the participants of a gathering organized by the Italian Conference of Secular Institutes: “In virtue of the love of God that you have found and known, you are capable of closeness and tenderness. In this way you are so close that you become one with another, their wounds and expectations, their questions and needs, with that tenderness which expresses a care that eliminates any distance. As the Samaritan who was passing, saw and had compassion. This is the movement that enables you to commits to your vocation: to walk beside every individual and being close to each person you encounter; because your reason for being in the world is not simply a sociological condition, but a theological reality that calls you to be aware, attentive, to knows how to distinguish, see and touch the flesh of one’s brother and sister.”[4]

Our Cordimarian-Claretian gift of vocation is a response of the Spirit to the concerns of the Church and to the needs of our world. The contribution that a Daughter of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has to do, in this enormous task of evangelization, is nothing more than to be faithful to their vocation, that is, prolong the spiritual motherhood of Our Lady…

. with eyes open to see the reality and not in any other way but

. with a sensitive heart, capable of compassion that impels us

. with a ready hand to love in a concrete and effective way for our brothers and sisters.[5]

Fanny Fernandes

Formation General Responsible – Cordimarian Filiation Institute


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