Dear friends, Happy New Year.

We begin 2017 renewing our commitment to be a Congregation going forth towards the peripheries where God dwells, and from where He continues calling us. We are now through the second year of this missionary animation service entrusted to us, and still resounds in us the echo of the Holy Year of mercy.

At the beginning of this new year, Pope Francis appeals to all people of good will: Let us make of the Beatitudes our own itinerary as a strategy for peace and commitment of active non-violence in the construction of social friendship[1]. His call leads us to the heart of our missionary journey with Jesus[2].

The Beatitudes are for us an invitation, a source and promise: an Invitation to continue walking in the footsteps of Jesus. It is the Source that nourishes our most genuine aspirations and efforts in the search for the Kingdom of God and His justice. It is the Promise for those who choose to embrace solidarity as a way of life and testimony.

Let us dispose our hearts so that this vocational proposal, which goes through all the dimensions of our life (our spirituality, our way of living in community and carrying out pastoral work, of exercising the service of authority, of sharing the goods available for the mission and with those who have less), can find a place within us and thus we may be able to make it grow to the measure of the Heart of Mary, our Mother and Teacher.

Growing up to the discipleship of Jesus as Mary entails, first of all, that we relinquish any form of privilege and other than that of assuming the humble condition of being listeners-servants of the Good News of Jesus; let us be transformed by it; and set out on the road to encounter others: the poor, the young, women, men and children who suffer violence. We are called to join those who work for peace and justice. Secondly, it implies that we free ourselves of the personal or groups barriers that separate us from them (nationalistic barriers, provincialism, social or class ideologies, religious, political, economic, cultural, sexually diverse or generational, among many others), so that we may be able to create areas of communion where there are differences. It entails, finally, that we exercise in living the Mercy as an evangelical attitude; so that we may welcome in our brothers and sisters, those who are excluded and needy, the Lord who meet us, and to broaden our missionary horizons to the measure of the Heart of Jesus.

Throughout the year, various brothers and sisters will help us to reflect on our Claretian vocation by deepening this proposal which incorporates the demands of the Chapter Declaration. We thank God our Father-Mother for their lives, and to Him we entrust our commitment in favor of young people and of life, so that the world may believe.

Bro. Carlos Verga CMF

General Prefect of Youth Ministry and Vocations


[1] Cfr. Pope Francis message at the 50th celebration of the World Youth Day for Peace: “Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace”. Vatican City, December 8, 2016.

[2] “Therefore the following of Christ as set forth in the Gospel is our supreme rule. And so we listen to the Lord’s words, eager to learn from him as he calls his disciples to be perfect as their Father is perfect, as he gives them the new commandment of fraternal love, as he urges them to pray, as he gives them the rules for apostolic life and as he proclaims that the poor in spirit, the sorrowing, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for justice, the merciful, the single-hearted, the peacemaker, those who suffer persecution for the cause of right” – CC 4