Hello brothers/sisters, dreamers of a different world which can be more human. I am Wilmer Ramos and salute you as a member of the Christian Youth Community, and DDH in Honduras.

Since I was a child, I learned to live in the midst of poverty, recognizing that it is the result of the concentration of WEALTH and POWER that threatens life, violating our rights, thus generating more poverty. As a child, I liked going to Church and listening to the word of God. I came to understand His message of love, because He is not a God who punishes, but a God of JUSTICE, PEACE and above all a GOD OF LOVE. I thank my parents for having baptized me because Baptism is the beginning of a life in Christ. But the most CRITICAL moment for me was when I confirmed my faith, because for me to confirm my faith is to confirm my life and to confirm my life is also to defend it.

My greatest concern is that some young people who have confirmed their faith don’t assume this commitment as true Christians. This is why I opted for the project of life like DDH in Honduras because I don’t feel like a Christian if I won’t defend the life of my brothers when they are being violated, or if I refuse to denounce the injustices suffered by my people when they are being attacked and especially if I’m not willing to give my life to defend them when they are being threatened. Fearlessly, I defend life because my life is a gift from God and I am called to share it with love. My commitment as a Christian is because I grew up in a home with a Father who drank to much and only thought about his friends, in vices, wasting what little he had without caring about others.

The thing I didn’t like and learned to reject from my childhood was also because in the Christian doctrine, it spoke of a God of justice, peace and love. But some who preached didn’t live what they taught because at times I could see how in the communities we speak of God with no concern for the people, community, family or an individual who may be suffering as a victim of violence which does threaten life. Finally, Honduras is a country which is violent, corrupt, poor, unfair, and stained with the blood of those who rose up with a voice for justice.

This is how I found my vocation by walking as a young person in Christ. Jesus embraces us with His example of love and demands that we love our neighbor; not only preaching His word of love, but actively loving. I defend an organized life, because for me, organization is the weapon of unity as Berta Cáceres said: unity is the path which we have left. In addition, we need it to counteract the systemic killer that keeps us in misery, uncommitted, conformist and unfortunately many times Christians make the big mistake of saying in our homilies or sermons that this is the will of God.

And in this, I place my life. Jesus said the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. but I say: we are not going to build the kingdom of God in the midst of so much corruption, violence, poverty, conformity, and much less when we who are Christians don’t have a clear understanding that this reality is not the will of God but the will of a few taking advantage of the crowds or people of God on a daily basis and are being martired. As Father Anthony Mary Claret said, «the love of Christ urges us,» as there is an urgent need for love among us today.