On April 29 to May 1, The YM Animator’s Encounter took place at the Heart of Mary School (Alta Córdoba, Argentina) with the objective of providing tools in accompanying youth communities and missionary experiences. The motto that accompanied us was «I want to animate with you.” The encounter is part of the third step of the Pastoral Plan for YM in San José del Sur Province.

Seventy young people from different Claretian schools, parishes and other apostolic structures participated. They were divided into five communities and there were five simultaneous workshop on different topics: (1) the role of the YM animator, (2) how to plan social interventions, (3) games and ludic activities, (4) biblical animation, and (5) psychology of the human development. Different specialists, some of them from our pastoral teams, animated these workshops. A planned social intervention took place at Alta Córdoba square on Sunday 30th of April. This activity allowed them to reach and share with other people, and announce the Jesus’ Project and hear the testimony of some actual witnesses of justice and the Gospel (Mons. Enrique Angelelli and Pedro Casaldáliga, Rigoberta Menchú, Pocho Lepratti, Berta Cáceres).

Of the five communities, one was composed of young people from 19 to 30 years old, while the other four had teenager members (15 to 18 years old). The diversity and differences of the participants was a significant and important matter to attend to. Young people bring us different calls and expectations. They need accompaniment and support in discovering and developing their missionary vocation. We want to go on with them in shared mission.

The Argentinian team of San José del Sur, composed of Fr. Panchi San Martín CMF (Provincial Prefect of Apostolate), Bro. Marcos Niclis CMF (Zone Coordinator of YVM) and Ms. Estefanía Viglieno (Teacher of Claret School – Buenos Aires). Mr. Joaquín Martínez (Lay Pastoral Coordinator of the School), and the assessor team on YVM of the different communities collaborated in a special way in preparing the event.

The Encounter was another step in the shared program of the Youth and Vocation Ministry, the biblical animation of the different Ministries and the Mission Procure. The coordinators Mr. Jaime Michea and Fr. Javier Montón CMF were also present and both participated in the Assessors’ Table (a periodic meeting, a moment of thinking and dreaming together for the YVM in Argentina).

Ms. Paula Argañaraz, Ms. Florencia Juárez, and Mr. Maximiliano Rivero, three young volunteers from PROCLADE (Claretian Development Procure), shared their testimony of life. We have celebrated the shared moments through a Eucharistic celebration that was prepared by the youth during the workshops and was presided by Fr. Panchi.

We give thanks to God for being our companion. And we say, “We must go on!”