Vocation is not something added to someone’s life or a calling one receives at a certain point in his/her life. I had always thought that vocation was such, but as I accompany those God calls to our life, I begin to see what God’s call is. Vocation is more like a gift God has had in store for us even from the beginning of time. And when we say we receive the call, it is but the moment we realize that we have been given a gift, and we start to unwrap God’s gift. Formation is helping the person unwrap the box to get the gift. And the gift is our true self—who God has called us to be.

This I experienced in my journey with Kiko, our novice who God called to himself in 2013 in Spain: how he unwrapped the gift he was given to experience God’s mercy in the short life he was given. Let me share with you a reflection he wrote on 11 July 2009.

The Mother of God had accepted my prayer, so today I received an email from one of my girlfriends before. I remember that I apologized to her last year. She did not accept my apology but slapped me instead because I had deeply harmed her when I was young.

She told me in her email that she will soon get married, and that she had already forgiven me. She feels sorry for having slapped me. She said, “I thought I could never pardon you, but I clarified to myself why I should hate you because in truth I still love you. I would love but in another way to better see our relationship. Maybe we were too young then. I have to thank you for giving me those sweet memories before though it also brought me suffering. Take care and please bless our marriage! Thank you!”

I do not know whether you could feel what I was feeling at that moment when I was reading those words which had an impact on me. I thank God a lot for granting her a good boyfriend. Her email is a very good gift to me. I feel at ease. I feel happy! I had not imagined that forgiveness could bring great happiness.

Once we experience God’s mercy in our life, we are healed and released from the ties that bind us to earth to soar to God and actualize our vocation.

Bro. Sid Ching CMF

East Asian Delegation