General Prefecture for Youth and Vocations Ministry

Annales Congregationis, November 2017


1. Schedule 2017 of the General Prefect of YVM

2. Formative Proposal for Claretians who are in-charge of Youth and Vocations Ministry of the Organisms of the Congregation

3. Congregational team on Youth and Vocations Ministry

4. Encounter of Claretians responsible of YVM of the Organisms

5. Experiential Itineraries on Youth and Vocations for those responsible in the respective Organisms of the Congregation

6. World Youth Day in Panama and Youth Gathering of Claretian Family – 2019

7. “CLARET – VIDA” award for Claretian groups committed in JPIC causes

8. Schedule planned by the General Prefecture of YVM

9. Note for the 2018 Budget


1. Schedule 2017 of the General Prefect of YVM

  • January
    • General Curia, Rome (IT), until 24th.
  • February
    • Workshop on Youth and Vocations Ministry in the Congregation, with YVM animators from ASCLA West in Bangalore (IN). From 01/28 to 02/05.
    • Visit to pastoral and formative Claretian communities with Fr. Leo Dalmao. Bangalore and Chennai Provinces, Kolkata Dependent Delegation and North East India Delegation (IN).  From 01/25 to 02/24.
    • Bonding of the General Government at the Santuario dell’Amore Misericordioso, Collevalenza (IT), from 26th to 28th.
  • March
    • General Council sessions in Rome (IT), from the 3rd to 19th.
    • Youth gathering “Romero + Familia Claretiana” organised by Youth Ministry of Centroamérica in San Salvador (SV), from 22nd to 27th.
    • World Youth Day preparation (WYD + CF Panama 2019). Dialogue with the other persons in-charge of YVM from Centroamérica Province in Panama (PA), from 03/20 to 04/02.
  • April
    • Vacations in Argentina, from 3rd to 23rd.
    • Dialogue on YVM with the Major Superior, the Prefect of Apostolate, the Claretians in-charge of YVM of El Tambo, and the EAD CEFyT Director from S. Jo. del Sur, in Córdoba (AR), from 04/24 to 05/02.
  • May
    • Workshop on Interculturality and Mission in the Congregation; design and elaboration stage. Rome (IT), from 8th to 17th.
    • Gathering of the ECLA YVM Claretians in-charge in Krzydlina Mala (PL), from 22nd to 25th.
    • Visit to communities of Poland, from 05/23 to 06/03.
  • June
    • Canonical visitation to Bética mission in Zimbabwe (ZW), from 12th to 28th.
  • July
    • Visit to the formative communities, Ormoc mission and dialogue with the Claretians in-charge of YVM in the Philippines Province. Quezon City (PH), from 18th to 30th.
  • August
    • II ASCLA East Youth Gathering + Claretian Family in Jogyakarta (ID), from 1st to 7th.
    • Visit to some pastoral and formative communities of Indonesia, from 8th to 25th.
  • September
    • Gathering for youth ministry pastoral agents in Loja and Las Palmas (ES), from 15th to 18th and from 22nd to 24th respectively.
    • Visit to communities of Bética Province (ES), from 13th to 27th.
  • October
    • Bonding of the General Government in Avezzano (IT), from 5th to 8th.
    • General Council sessions in Rome (IT), from 9th to 26th.
    • 109 Claretian martyrs’ beatification and related celebrations, Vic-Barcelona (ES), from 19th to 23rd.
  • November
    • Annual spiritual exercises in Montecastello, Tignale (IT), from 5th to 10th.
    • Encounter between the General Government and the Major Superiors from Claretian Organisms and coordinators of Claretian missions in Africa. Nairobi (KE), from 18th to 28th.
  • December
    • Congress on Vocational Ministry addressed to major moderators, animators and in-charge of vocational ministry, anticipating and preparing the Synod of Bishops 2018. Rome (IT), from 1st to 3rd.

2. Formative Proposal for Claretians who are in-charge of Youth and Vocations Ministry of the Organisms of the Congregation


The XXV General Chapter of the Congregation notes with concern the observation made by the previous General Chapter in 2009:

«We are not as close to the youth nor as disposed to accompany them as we like to believe (HAC19) and we repeat its proposal that each and every one of us be more involved in inviting them to be servants for the Kingdom and ministers of the Word (MS30).

As a response, the same Chapter, and at the express request of Father General, creates the General Prefecture of Youth and Vocations in the Congregation for the specific animation of these ministries.

The XXV General Chapter is the framework for this formative proposal; particularly the numbers 68.1-2 of the Missionarii Sumus Declaration:  (1)… «The General Government will propose guidelines and criteria for the whole Congregation in accord with the charismatic traits outlined in this Chapter.  (2) We will take seriously the human, theological, pastoral and spiritual preparation of our pastoral agents of evangelization of the youth, so that they might be better prepared to reach out to them, respond with creativity to their questions, accompany them with wisdom in their journey, and to challenge their decisions prophetically”.


The recipients of the course are the agents of the evangelization of the youth:

(1) Claretian missionaries responsible for the pastoral care of youth and vocations in the Claretian Organisms (provinces, delegations, missions).

(2) Claretian missionaries responsible of YVM in different apostolic platforms of the Congregation (parishes, educational institutions or other specific pastoral centers for youth and vocation ministry).

(3) Other evangelizing agents of our apostolic positions (laity and/or consecrated persons).


  • To propose guidelines and criteria for the whole Congregation in youth and vocations ministry.
  • To reflect our own pastoral practices on youth and vocations ministry according to the congregational criteria.
  • To rethink our offers on youth and vocations ministry as Congregation on the framework of last the Chapter’s discernment.
  • To train new evangelizers for youth and vocations ministry with Claretian imprint.


The course’s methodology is to be both experiential and participative:  the course aims to take the experiences and practices of the pastoral agents as a starting point, to rethink them in the light of the contents addressed, and to make proposals aimed at their transformation into the perspective indicated by the XXV General Chapter as the point of arrival.  The contents studied must collaborate to achieve the proposed objectives and encourage the personal and group reflection.  The participation and interaction of pastoral agents among themselves try to foster mutual knowledge, to expand one’s perspectives and horizons, and to grow communion through mutual appreciation and shared responsibility.


The course will be completely online.  For this, we will use the distance education platform of the Claretian University of Batatais (Brazil).  Claretians from Batatais have developed an educational application for mobile telephony.  The course provides virtual classrooms for approximately 12 participants each, accompanied by a tutor who guides the learning process under the supervision of a specially designated person for this purpose.

A team coordinated by the General Prefect for Youth and Vocations Ministry will prepare the study material beforehand.  Tutors will have to take an online course to qualify themselves in this kind of educative modality, to become familiar with the virtual classroom of Batatais, and to learn how to use the tools.

In view of organizing the classes, English and Spanish language groups shall be taken into consideration. Then later, considering now the youth leaders, it will be possible to do the same in French and Portuguese, if necessary.


The online education platform from Batatais provides a maximum duration of two (2) months for courses such as the one proposed here.


      Introduction: The horizon of the XXV General Chapter of the Congregation.

  • The Claretian mission in the Chapter documents of the post-Council.
  • The conceptual framework. The challenges from God to the XXV General Chapter:  Where are we walking, what are we doing, and where and how we are called to live the congregational mission?
  • The pastoral offer as a prophetic dialogue and process of pastoral transformation-and-conversion.
  • The urgency, opportunity and effectiveness of a Youth and Vocations Ministry “going forth” to the social and human peripheries.

(1 week)

      UNIT 1: Youth as a pastoral recipients and actors of evangelization in the Church and the Congregation.

  • Youth as a process of growth towards the maturity of individuals. Youth as a social icon.  The youthful experience of Antonio Claret.
  • The complexity of a global analysis as well as individualized. Psycho-socio-cultural descriptions of young people today.
  • Local answers to the questions of the XV Synod of Bishops of 2018: Youth, faith and vocational discernment.
  • Youth as actors and protagonists of evangelization in the magisterium of Pope Francis.

(1 week)

      UNIT 2: Congregational discernment and local pastoral practices of youth and vocations.

  • Theoretical-pastoral criteria of the Claretian Vocation Directory as a framework of our practices. Scope and limits on the horizon of the third millennium.
  • Youth and vocations ministries as specific pastoral missions in the environments frequented by youth, and in ecclesial and Congregational environments: parishes, educational institutions, and other pastoral platforms.
  • Concretions, tensions and challenges of the pastoral care of the youth and vocations in our Organisms and local communities.

      (1 week)

      UNIT 3: Towards a Claretian pastoral care of youth and vocations.  The charismatic traits as criteria and guidelines.

  • Community experience as a pastoral proposal for young people to have life.
  • Missionary discipleship for youth? Encountering and following Jesus Christ while we are on the way.
  • Denaturalize indifference. The social and human peripheries as areas of the manifestation of God.
  • Encounters that transform. Marian biblical itineraries to re-read one’s life in the light of the Spirit.
  • In networks for the transformation of the world. Ecclesial ministeriality and political dimension of the Christian faith.
  • Dialogue and prophecy as keys for the Claretian pastoral care of youth and vocations.

      (2 weeks)

   UNITY 4: Participatory planning and methodologies in the pastoral work of youth and vocations.

  • Pastoral planning as a process of transformation (= pastoral-missionary-ecological conversion) for youth and YVMs.
  • Common moments and differentiated itineraries for youth and YVMs in the evangelizing process. Roles and modes of participation in the methodological process.
  • Contemplation, discernment, planning and practice as stages of pastoral planning for youth to have life in Jesus.
  • To contemplate the realities of the youth as a Word that God addresses to us, in the key of mercy.
  • Discern the interpellations from God in the realities and value our own possibilities in the conjuncture. Prayer reading of the Strengths-Opportunities-Difficulties-and-Threats (a Christian SWOT Analysis).
  • Outline pastoral objectives, processes and strategies. To propose evaluable actions in the short and medium term, describe the methodologies they will be carried out, and indicate those responsible for them.  To anticipate everything needed to carry out the planned actions, and celebrate the passage of God.
  • Creative methods and eloquent symbols of the Kingdom in the pastoral work with youth and for accompanying them.

      (2 weeks)

      CONCLUSION: Final work of reflection and projective synthesis.

  • Carry out a diagnosis of our youth and vocations ministry, according to the criteria and guidelines addressed in this course.
  • Evaluate the course as a formative offer indicating challenges for the youth and vocations ministry in our respective Organisms and in the Claretian Conference of belonging –ACLA, ASCLA, ECLA, or MICLA.

      (1 week)

3. Congregational team on Youth and Vocations Ministry

During the last sessions of the General Council in March, the General Prefect presented the annual plan of the Prefecture. Having listened to the suggestions of the other members of the Council, and in dialogue with those of the first process of Congregational transformation, the General Prefect of YVM officially presented the names of the Congregational team for YVM, during the council meetings of October.  There was a previous consultation to their Major Superiors and a personal dialogue with them before they accepted freely this service.

  • From ACLA: Frédéric Kpoumie (VM Cameroun Delegation) and Jude Igba (YVM West Nigeria Delegation)
  • From ASCLA EAST: Johanes Jeramu (YM Indonesia Delegation) and Bobin Punnackapadavil (YVM East Asia Delegation)
  • From ASCLA WEST: Thomas Paingottu (YVM St. Thomas Province) and Nesan Culas (YM Sri Lanka Delegation)
  • From ECLA: Jorge Sánchez Palacios (YVM Bética Province) and Robert Pyrka (VM Polska Province)
  • From MICLA: Fernando Alves (YM Brasil Province) and Julio Arváez (YM Centroamérica Province)
  • Invited expert collaborators: Artur Teixeira (Apostolate, General Government) and Antonio Santillán (Faith and Culture community, San José del Sur Province)
  • Coordination: Carlos Verga (YVM, General Government)

4. Encounter of Claretians responsible of YVM of the Organisms

From November 18th to December 1st 2018, a Congregational encounter for Claretians responsible of YVM of the Organisms and members of the Claretian Family will be held in Rome.

The objective of the meeting is to deepen the Claretian pastoral proposal for youth and vocations made in the online course, and give it a Congregational impulse.


5. Experiential Itineraries on Youth and Vocations for those responsible in the respective Organisms of the Congregation

To ignite the spark of creativity and dare to think about new possibilities for local pastoral initiatives, the collaboration of Bética – Portugal – Santiago, on the one hand, and Central America, on the other, has been requested to help the Organisms who begin to follow organic YVM itineraries in the Congregation.

The initiative adds to the formation of the online course and the deepening of the same that is intended in the meeting of Rome.  Sharing the experience of others does not imply reproducing the same thing in one’s own contexts, but rather evaluating what has been done for some years in some Organisms and that can be a source of inspiration for others.  For the request of collaboration, the following aspects have been taken into account:

(1) The existence of a provincial plan for the pastoral care of youth and vocations.

(2) The full-time or part time dedication of Claretians who work in teams with other pastoral agents in this ministry.

(3) The insertion of the pastoral care of young people and vocations in different structures of existing evangelization projects, such as parishes and educational institutions.

(4) The plurality of pastoral proposals for youth (popular missions, mass meetings and personal accompaniment, youth communities, pilgrimages, catechesis, summer camps, solidarity activities, retreats of prayer and discernment among many others); the heterogeneity of its protagonists (Claretian pastoral workers, lay people and other consecrated persons, young people from the periphery, indigenous people, professionals, university students, secondary students, workers).

(5) Pastoral proposals related to the transversal axes characteristic of our charismatic traits such as the Word of God, the option for the poor and for justice, the shared mission, the vocational proposal and teamwork.

These itineraries are intended as pastoral practices complementary to the theoretical contents of the online course and will be designed by the same organizations and their leaders in dialogue with the General Prefect of PJV and implemented in the second part of the six-year period, starting in 2019.

6. World Youth Day in Panama and Youth Gathering of Claretian Family – 2019

It is in the interest of the General Government to promote the participation of at least two young people per Organism accompanied by a Claretian missionary at the next World Youth Day + Claretian Family in Panama.  To achieve this, it is imperative that those responsible for the PJV of the Claretian Organisms set criteria for participation and work to obtain the economic resources for this purpose; as well as anticipate the procedures of passport and visa in case necessary to enter Panama.

A team of missionaries and members of the Claretian family has been preparing the event in Central America since October 2016.  The design followed the model implemented at WYD + FC 2011 (Madrid), 2013 (Rio de Janeiro) and 2016 (Krakow): A meeting of young people of our charismatic family during the days prior to WYD 2019 in Panama, and then joining the official programs for the WYD.

On the WYD + FC website ( all the official information necessary for the animation and participation in the event is always updated. To facilitate communication, an electronic address ( and a WhatsApp number (+502 4834 5367) have been established.

The youth gathering for the Claretian family will be carried out at the Claret School of the RMI Claretian Missionary Sisters in Las Acacias, from January 17th (arrival) to 21st, 2019.  The official programs for the WYD will be celebrated from 22nd to 27th.  The evaluation will be on 28th, and the return to respective origins is on the 29th of January.

The theme elected for the occasion is “I am the servant of the Lord.  May it be done to me according to your word.”  The Claretian objectives for the WYD and the Claretian family encounter are the following:

To have an encounter during the World Youth Day 2019 and be in pilgrimage with the young people of our communities, as Claretian family, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary to:

  • strengthen our missionary identity cordially, in shared mission, going forth, open to novelty;
  • know the evangelizing experiences of our Claretian family in Central America;
  • encourage the articulation of our ministries at the service of the new generations;
  • celebrate the path of God and the gift of the Claretian charism in our peoples, religious communities and our history;
  • share the culture of our peoples through art and other youth expressions;

7. “CLARET – VIDA” award for Claretian groups committed in JPIC causes

In January 2018, the criteria to participate in the “Claret – Vida” award will be sent to the Organisms. It is an initiative of the General Prefectures of Apostolate and YVM that aims to “recognize good practices in defence and care of life in its different expressions.”

Nominees for this award can be sent to the General Curia of the Claretian Missionaries in Rome until the 10th of December 2018. The final decision on the prizes will be taken at the WYD + CF 2019 in Panama.

8. Schedule planned by the General Prefecture of YVM

  • December 2017 – May 2018: Processing stage of the online course by the Congregational team.
  • June – July 2018: Technical development of the course in Batatais, Brazil.
  • August 2018: Tutors course and class registration.
  • September – October 2018: Online course on YVM for the Claretians in-charge in the respective Organisms of the Congregation.
  • November – December 2018: Gathering of the Claretians in-charge of YVM of the Congregation and those representatives of the Claretian family.
  • January 2019: WYD + CF Panama 2019.

9. Note for the 2018 Budget

Please budget for the fiscal year 2018 the payment corresponding to the meeting of Claretians responsible of YVM in Rome, and the YVM online course:

  • € 900 per participant per Organism for accommodation and full board costs in Casa d’accoglienza Enrico de Ossò, from November 18th to December 1st, 2018.
  • Expenses for the trip to and from Rome.
  • Visa expenses for entry to Italy and the European Community if necessary.
  • 250 US dollars for the YVM online course.

Bro. Carlos Verga CMF

General Prefect for Youth and Vocations Ministry