Dear brothers and sisters of the Claretian Family,

God bless you at all times and places where the mission may have you! May the fire of the Spirit that burns in us always illuminate our missionary horizon in the style of Claret! The catchword of the WYD that the Pope has proposed and is going to accompany us is: “Here the servant of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your Word”.

As you already know the next world youth day will be in Panama and we dream with a beautiful family reunion, we count with the presence of all of you.

One of the reasons to choose Panama as the place of the next WYD is that it was the first time that a request came from several bishops of Central America who asked Panama to represent the entire region. This gesture of communion, even though it was a small country, made the Pope think of this place; where the charism of St. Antonio Maria Claret arrived about 100 years ago.

To whom we want to live this event as a family with one heart, fills us with hope and illusion.

No doubt it will be a Pentecost where the Spirit who calls us will send us back from the Young Vineyard to the whole world to continue the great work.

Is not the first time. Our region as Claretian family started in Madrid in 2011, after Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and the last was in Krakow, in 2016. Now we want to take this opportunity that the Lord gives us to accompany the young people in a deep experience of meeting God, to strengthen the faith, to enjoy the shared joy and to offer our missionary witness. Our house in Panama, opens its doors and its heart to the Claretian Family.

That is why we invite you to motivate this encounter in all our apostolate communities and platforms; So that our dreams and longings become reality in Panama 2019.

The planned dates are as follows:

  • Peregrines arrived to Panama, on January 17, 2019.
  • Meeting place: Claret School of the Claretian Missionaries RMI; In Villa Las Acacias, Panama.
  • Return from Panama, on January 28, 2019.

We entrust this work to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the hope that the new generations, in the forge of their love, will give the Gospel a young face and a renewed missionary commitment that will send us to the whole world as arrows. Followers of Jesus in the style of Claret.

During this year and a half that is missing for the celebration of WYD, we will send training materials to help us prepare as a family for this day.

A worm embrace,
   Aquilina Jose Jose MCM – Cordimarianas Missionaries
   Bernardeta Arbaiza SC – Claretian Lay Movement
   Carlos Verga CMF – Claretian Missionaries
   Fanny Fernandez FC – Institute of Cordimarian Filiation
   Fernanda Godoy MC – St. Antonio Maria Claret Missionaries
   Pilar Rovira MIC – Missionaries of the Claretian Institution
   Priscilla Latela RMI – Claretian Missionaries
   Together with the Coordinating Team of WYD + FC Panamá 2019 of Central America.

In the following website, you can find all the official information necessary for the meeting:

To contact the coordinating team of WYD + FC Panama 2019, write to:

Panama, August 21, 2017.


Visit the Claretian Family official Web Page for WYD+CF Panama 2019: