For the second consecutive year, the Claretian community of Colmenar Viejo (Spain) has opened its doors to young people who wanted to spend a weekend there.

It was a meeting for that people who want to open the doors and, knowing something about Claret, wants to know the Claretian lifestyle also. There were group and personal moments, prayers, dialogue and another ones shared times with young Claretians who welcomed us in their home. Several young men from the Claretian Province of Santiago participated in the encounter the 4th and 5th of March of this year.

The weekend was a time for prayer and serene reflection; an open dialogue with Claretians, elders and young; a good football match mid-afternoon on Saturday; a visit to a hostel, where Claretian students collaborate helping the residents weekly; morning and evening prayers, and the Eucharist with the formative community of Colmenar; shared meal, and to watch a film with popcorn… Various moments of the encounter “opening doors”.