(1) The second Claretian Youth Gathering (CLYM)

  • It was held in our Minor seminary, Kattuwa, Negombo from 15th to 17th Dec 2017.
  • 59 participants from 5 Dioceses
  • Mostly based on psychological topics
  • The committee members were elected from different areas
  • It was a successful gathering
  • All the participants were very positive about our activities and they had fully involved in all the programs
  • We had seminars, sports, meditation, benediction, Holy mass, games, X’Mas gathering and relaxing entertainment programs

(2) Help the needy

We, as Claretian Youth in Sri Lanka were able to help few people in different ways during last year and it was very successful and appreciated by all.
1. Helped Abishan with necessary stationaries, a school going student to start his school in the year 2018 and spent some time with his differently-abled brother of 14 years old since their mother is also a widow without any income. went as a group of Youth (CLY).
2. Helped some patients who came from far away places specially the little ones namely Abishek, 4 year old boy from Mannar and Theshanika, 1 year old girl from Batticaloa who came for the heart surgery.  We were able to help them to find out the hospital and to be the mediators between the doctors and parents since they were unable to understand the Sinhalese Language. Regular visit by one or many of us whenever possible and both the patients are safe now and back to their places.
3. Helped nearly 160 school going children in the war zone areas. Collected things from different donors and we went as a team to help those little ones living in the interior places in war zone areas.

Surendra Kumar CMF