This April 25 marks the 90th anniversary of the death of Fr. Andrés Solá Molist CMF and fellow martyrs: José Trinidad Rangel Montaño (diocesan priest) and Leonardo Pérez Larios (lay), known as the Martyrs of San Joaquin.

Based on this date on April 22 and 23, Camp San Joaquín 2017 was held at the ranch with the same name, located in the municipality of Encarnación de Díaz in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, bringing together an approximate 180 persons, Most of whom are young people from the various entities where the Claretians have a presence (Torreón, Ciudad Juárez, Nuevo Laredo, Guadalajara, León, Mexico City, Oaxaca). We were also accompanied by young people from the surrounding communities that belong to the diocese of San Juan Of the Lakes; all accompanied by the priests and formandi of the province.  We had a diversity of activities: integration dynamics, moments of prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a formative theme «the seven myths of leadership», youth campfire, songs, a rally and the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by M.R.P. Enrique Mascorro López CMF, provincial superior, who referred to this 90th anniversary before the large number of people who gathered to remember our martyrs.

The joy, dynamism and sharing among young people was a constant, and regardless of the distance and time spent to get to the place of the martyrdom (some traveled up to 24 hours on the road) everyone was in the best disposition to meet the rest of the participants, generating a fraternal atmosphere.

Those who accompanied these young people had the opportunity to remember the first meeting that took place in 2012, attended by about 30 people; at that time some slept in vehicles and outdoors. Five years away we see with joy that the number of participants has increased significantly, as well as the planning and organization of this meeting has been increasingly involving more people from different communities. Today we see this encounter as a unique opportunity to invite more people to participate in this activity of the Claretian Youth and Vocation Ministry, in which young people are the protagonists, our inspiration and our goal.

Listening to the youth, we see the need to accompany them in their growth as people and as children of God, so that they can know, love, serve and praise God, and from their own experience, they may feel the need to share what they have seen and heard, as witnesses of the Risen Jesus.

Looking to the future, we realize the importance that young people have had in their participation and commitment so that this Youth Encounter will continue to be held every year as it has been done up to this moment. Looking forward to the short and medium term, we prioritize our effort and work in this encounter with a view to the celebration of the tenth anniversary of this youth camp and the 95th anniversary of the martyrdom of Fr. Andrés Solá. The WYD 2019, to be held in Panama, has also become a priority and because of this made public the invitation to the youth groups working on the different fronts. All these activities, being thought for young people, ask from us to become organizers, protagonists, and guides of other young people, vibrating and sharing the spirit of Fr. Claret.

That with the intercession of Blessed Fr. Andrés Solá Molist CMF, our Good and Merciful Father allows us to do with others what we alone cannot do, and so God’s love and experience will shape our lives and those of all young to be better disciples of Jesus.

José Alberto Hernández Sánchez CMF