Montreal, Canada. For the first time in the history of Claretians in Canada, we have created a Youth and Vocation Ministry Team in order to create a Vocational Culture and to walk with the Youth and Young adults. Fr. Reegan, CMF, the master mind behind this initiative had his first meeting with the animators on 30th of October in Montreal. The team is composed of three Claretians, some lay people and youth. The beauty and speciality of this team is that the members are from different countries and cultural backgrounds like India, Haiti, Colombia, Srilanka, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, etc. The team would be organising activities in different cities like Montreal, Sherbrooke, Ottawa and Toronto.

The meeting started with a Biblical reflection and prayer then Bro. Carlos Verga, CMF, the General prefect of Youth and Vocation Ministry was connected through skype and he shared his personal experience of work with university students in Argentina as well as he exposed the general guidelines of the Congregation on this regard which inspired and motived the team to walk with the youth and accompany them in order to take them to Christ. Then Fr. Reegan CMF shared his ideas and vision for this new project as well as he exposed different themes related to Youth and Vocation ministry according to Claretian Vocation Directory and to Pope Francis. Then the team members shared about the challenges and hopes for this new mission in Canada. The team will be organising Vocation camps, Christmas, Claret Musical Feast and the Claret Youth Festival in the near future in order to bring the Claretian youth together so that they may proclaim together the joy of believing in Jesus Christ.