Yhú, Paraguay. Members of the Pastoral Care of Addictions of the Vicariate of San Antonio Maria Claret, Cordoba, Argentina, traveled to Paraguay, to the Claretian missionary communities in Yhú between 13 and 28 December where they helped in the ministry of Father Luis Villasanti, Cmf, the Claretian aspirants and the missionary sisters of the Claretian institution of Lambaré and Yú.

Yhú is a rural village in the District of Caaguazú located 230 km from Asuncion. The missionaries visited neighbors there to share the Word. They were received well by the people regardless of the religious beliefs of the homeowners. In spite of the language barires, the locals speaking mainly in the dialect of Guaraní, the inhabitants of Yú endeavored to communicate with the missionaries and to make them feel at home. A living nativity scene was organized. Carols were sung with the children of the communities too. The families periodically gathered in the oratory to participate in the activities, enjoying, laughing, dancing and sharing life experiences with their neighbors.

The young people returned to Argentina with great satisfaction and with great affection towards a supportive people who gave everything in spite of the material deficiencies that they live.